Official Rules of Play

Monster Addendums

Book of Engoku
Oriental Elements in the World of Amtgard

Across a vast ocean, beyond the limits of time and transport, lies a virtually unexplored land. Visitors from this distant continent have fluttered into the many kingdoms of Amtgard since before anybody could remember, quietly, but persistently. Slowly over time many clans formed, and word began to spread about the unknown land: Engoku.

By Night They Dance
Creatures of the Night and the Games They Play
BNTD takes the game from the usual daylight and past the cloak of night. Herein you will find all manner of nocturnal beasts, twisted and corrupt Undead and the fury of Lycanthropes. You will find games for after dark and rules for conducting your games safely. There’s also optional rules for faking it, for when you have no choice but to role-play being in the dark, just add imagination.

Celestial Codex
The Eternal War on Amtgardia

There is a war going on, a war that most humans never know exists. The war is fought every day, around the world and throughout time. The rewards are the immortal souls of the living and the warriors are the very agents of Darkness and Light, Good and Evil ... The Heavens and the Hells.

Nautical Nights
A High Seas Primer

Avast, ye lily-livered landlubber, and welcome to the third Amtgard Seven Expansion Set, Nautical Nights : A High Seas Primer. This manual sets off for uncharted waters and leaves the safe haven of regular battlegames fading into the distant horizon. If your group has ever dreamt of pirate duels, boarding parties, mermaid lagoons or buried treasure, then this is the book to help take you there.
Within these pages you will find all manner of nautical and aquatic monsters, from the villainous Sea Hags to the noble Aquatic Elves, from the humble Dolphin to the mighty Leviathan, and everywhere in between. You’ll also find two old shipmates, the Pirate and Duelist Alternate Classes, and their Archetype counterparts, the Buccaneer and Swashbuckler.
Yar! Here there be adventure!

Welcome to the Jungle
Adventures in the Wildlands of Amtgardia

A sourcebook focusing on the fantastical aspects of everything from prehistoric Earth to ancient Meso-America to the jungles of darkest Africa ... and beyond!
Of course, this books comes complete with tons of new monsters and archetypes suitable for play under 7th Edition Rules, plus enough pages of battlegames, relics, terrain effects and encounter areas to keep players at your park hopping for weeks at a time.